Program 1 Dinar Emas, 1 Bulan

26 avril 2012

How We Can Save Money & Cut Budget 2

Last time we have seen several step on cutting cost and saving some of our monthly allowances : How we can save money & cut budget 1. This week, I would like to share with you another 5 easy ways for us as a student, living in France.

6. Borrow a Book or Buy a Second-hand
Before you even think about putting out money for a new book, i.e. textbooks or novels, don’t you think someone else on campus had to already have one, or maybe a second-hand from a book store?

Borrow if it’s possible. If not, you can always buy it. On sites like Amazon.com, you can get used hardcover books are often cheapest.

7. Decline Extended Warranties
Your computer should be under manufacturer’s warranty for the first year anyway. Companies want to 'make' us into believing the plan is worthwhile. They become rich off our extra cash.

8. Plan Your Weekend Wisely
Avoid over spending money this weekend. Be creative in what we choose to do, even if it includes a picnic, a long walk, flying a kite, a pick up game of football or reading a good book.

Pick up a local newspaper and check upcoming events for freebies, i.e concerts, arts and crafts fairs, theatre, festivals, art galleries, and museums.

9. Save Your Electricity Bills
Be cautious and alert on our electricity usage. We can save money on bills by keeping the A/C or heat turned down or off if possible.Turn off lights, use the oven sparingly and take shorter showers. Electricity costs money.

If you find an apartment where utilities may run on natural gas (stove, hot water heater) it’s generally more cost-efficient. Living on an upper floor will typically keep you warmer in the winter, but it’ll get hotter in the summer. If you go to school in a region where winters are longer i.e. Besançon , then upper floors are smart, otherwise live low.

10. Make Some Money
We are young and free, why not make some money by part-time job, freelancing or start a business? But bear in mind being a student, we need to know how to manage our time, study should always be our first priority.

We could sell our expertise in a subject as a tutor, computer skills, music lessons. If you love to write, you could start a blog about your favourite topics. Did you know that many people make a few hundred to few thousand dollars a month from Google AdSense, by publishing relevant contextual ads on their websites.

Okay, that’s it. I’ve covered almost all of my points. Hmmm, doesn’t seem like enough does it, lets see, more tips… work hard, don’t waste your time, obey the law, love yourself. Okay, now I am out of tips.