Program 1 Dinar Emas, 1 Bulan

Share Articles

1. If you love connecting and sharing your thoughts and ideas with friends and want to share your articles with them, then you can start here at Sang Pulasari.

2. Prepare your article in this form:
  • Title
  • Articles
  • Your name
  • Link to this article (if applicable)

3. Preferable topics and genres for articles are listed below :
  • Nation's development and progress ideas
  • Self-development and tips
  • Opinions and thoughts on current issue
  • Ways to empower students
  • Religion and philosophy
  • Day to day success skills and method
  • Other
4. E-mail it to this e-mail address, shahreza.shahrir [at] yahoo [dot] fr, with this title, Share Article.

5. The article would be edited and would be posted later. Thank you for your kindness.