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20 mai 2012

‘Tunku Aziz a Man of Strong Principles’


Tunku Abdul Aziz has left the DAP and political parties not allied to Pakatan Rakyat hold him up as a man of character with strong principles.

Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM), Kita and the Penang Malay Congress say Tunku Aziz’s departure might be a telling factor for the Malay face of DAP.

PCM vice-president Huan Cheng Guan says his resignation would have an impact particularly with the Malays who still perceive DAP as a Chinese-based party.

This is because DAP always championed Chinese issues and it seldom takes up issues affecting the Malay and Indian community, Huan claimed.

“For those who know and have interacted well with Tunku Aziz, he is a no-nonsense character, a man with strong principles,” he said.

“He was a rare breed of politician and his departure would leave a void in the DAP,’’ Huan added.
Tunku Aziz announced his resignation on television last night, catching many of his foes and supporters by surprise.

The Kedah royalty member’s resignation was related to his differing views from the party concerning the Bersih 3.0 demonstration.

Kedah Kita chairman Zamil Ibrahim echoed Huan’s views and blamed Tunku Aziz’s departure on DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and his son, Guan Eng, the party’s secretary-general.

This has once again showed that DAP is a father-son party, going against the party’s political struggle of being anti-nepotism and anti-cronyism, Zamil said.

Tunku Aziz went against the aspirations of both Lims, and now he is forced to pay the price, Zamil said, adding that having a differing view is a fundamental aspect of democracy.

Pleading for calm

Zamil said that once Kita has resolved its issues with the Registrar of Societies, he intends to approach Tunku Aziz about joining Kita since the party can do with his experience and wisdom.

He also advised Tunku Aziz not to be used by Barisan Nasional.

“He [Tunku Aziz] should stay clear of BN, as the coalition may want to exploit his principles to benefit its own agenda.”

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