Program 1 Dinar Emas, 1 Bulan

9 juin 2012

How Malaysian Society Crushes Their Kids Potentials

1. In Malaysia, it's very hard to sell books or any educational material to kids. But it is ten times easier to sell kids on cigarettes, gossip's magazines and computer games Now, here's the one million dollar question for us to ponder, "Is it possible for us to make critical field such as history and science interesting to our young Malaysian?'

2. First of all, we were born genius, a natural explorer and a curious scientist. When we were young, we wonder what's out there. We began to wonder about the sky, the rivers, the stars, the people around us and our environment. Our old days were our greatest discovery period.

3. But then something happens, when we hit the 'Malaysian Society Synchronisation' year, the period that consist of our primary and secondary school in this country. That is when our potential was literally hammered out of us. The days when every little flower of curiosity  is crushed by our 'know-it-all' society and the 'flawless' educational system itself.

4. Because our national education system asked us to learn and memorise all these figures and facts, we tend to think that memorising is 'THE' science and 'THE' true wisdom, and that's not true at all. Every year, our students take the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), and they have to memorise all these facts and formulas. During my time, we had to do the same, memorising formulas for physics, facts and figure during the history lessons, essays for English and Bahasa classes.

5. Today, when I look back, nowhere did I see the true driving force of education, that is to enlighten the mind and soul. And yet the exams were all about pouring all what we had memorised during our several years in this so called national education system.

6. I am not surprised to see how simple our people's mind is, how badly they interpret the surroundings and how easily of them to judge on something. Maybe that their mouth 'thinks' faster than their brain.

7. This is something that all Malaysian should be ashamed of. The society itself had become this ruthless machine that is blindly crushing the curiosity of our next generation. While our education system is the nation's factory, producing this 'don't ask and don't think' society in order to imprison the mind and the soul of our generation.