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20 novembre 2012

Israel is a War Criminal

If you’ve been following the news at all over the past few days, you probably know about Israel’s latest offensive against Hamas. Last Wednesday, the country’s military assassinated Hamas’ military leader Ahmed Al-Jaabari. Hamas retaliated, and Israel is now considering a ground invasion into Gaza.

At least 115 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli army fired in the Gaza Strip since Wednesday, while more than 900 have been injured; the majority of the casualties are civilians, including children elderly and women.

For this reason I would like to invite my fellow readers to take steps to upheld the human rights in occupied Palestine. Here are some methods that I think would help the Palestinians.
  • Discuss with your friends and family members about this issue.
  • Provide financial aids to the the Palestinians via Aqsa Syarif Snd Bhd (for local Malaysians) or via ARIF France (for Malaysian students in France)
Financial Aid through ARIF
Arif Bank RIB : 10278 08003 00020767201 51
Donation's title : "Derma Palestin".
Final donation date : 1/12/2012