Program 1 Dinar Emas, 1 Bulan

25 novembre 2011

Brotherhood Among Races

1. Seeing Malaysia today seems a bit sad. We would all be proud if some foreigners says that our country is peaceful, although being a multi-racial and multi-religion country. But does that reflects our nation's true story?

2. If we look into our education systems, we still have schools built upon for certain race. Even residential areas are sometime divided into 'Taman Kaum Tertentu'. Yes, I know that it's hard to lead a country like our own. Just say it, almost everything is now being divided into 'this is for my race'. There is no difference between a Malay and a Chinese, or even a Chinese with an Indian, nor  Indian with a Malay.

3. So, I would like to share some ideas on how we could create brotherhood among all races in Malaysia.
  • Encourage students to enter Vision schools;
  • Encourage inter-racial marriages between different racial groups;
  • Stop seeing others as other race, but as a Malaysian;
  • Encourage Malay students to learn languages of other races, this also apply to all other races on learning the national language;
  • Stop being '24/7' with our own race and start mixing with other races;
  • Organise activities that calls participation for all races;
  • etc.
4. There are many other ideas that we could come up, but the stepping point starts from you, from within. The answer now lies on your hand, whether to say yes or no for the unity among us. I sincerely hope that you would choose the first one as we cannot continue being divided any more.