Program 1 Dinar Emas, 1 Bulan

12 novembre 2011

The New Pudu

1. Although I was staying at SMS Alam Shah for two years, I have only been once to Pudu Raya Bus Terminal. I was informed that this bus terminal was one of the dirtiest places in Kuala Lumpur.

2. Formerly known as Puduraya Terminal, or 'Hentian Puduraya' by the locals, was opened in 1976 for long-distance buses, especially during public holiday and festive periods.

3. Pudu Sentral had undergone a renovation costing about RM3 million to create it's new look and to install new facilities such as a hotel, bank, and food stalls. Now, the new Pudu is definitely much more cleaner with a modern Malaysian touch.

4. I hope that this transformation could actually bring some goodness in term of economic and social.