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12 novembre 2011

Our English and PPSMI

1. I am a pro-PPSMI for our national education. Although for some reason there should be a strong basis before we can actually implement this system.

2. When our former Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad first conceived the PPSMI in 2002, it was in recognition of the fact that our English language level was in shamble and that we badly needed improvement in order not to be thrown further behind by the rest of the world.

3. This system did not perform as it should in the rural areas. The students hardly understand what is taught and as a result they have to use Bahasa Malaysia to explain the subject matter.

4. In my point of view, this system could work if we start from below, the foundation. There should be an active effort to help today and future English teachers with their teaching materials so that English could be taught using English during English classes rather than Bahasa Malaysia.

5. Parents on the other hand could participate by being an active model. Start simple by reading English books in front of the children and encourage them to learn the language. I understand the difficulties encountered by our rural parents. Although I do not have the answer, but I sincerely believe that there is always a solution for every problem.

6. While opponents of PPSMI often cite the examples of Japan and Germany as proof that one can stick to one’s national language and yet achieve outstanding progress in science and technology. Think again, they simply neglecting that these countries are huge with with talents and scholarship in the sciences and technology, while relatively Malaysia, lacking indigenous technology, has to constantly import foreign sources of knowledge which are acquired mostly in the English language.

7. As a matter of fact, we all  know that English text books are already widely used in our institutions of higher learning, so why not start its use at an earlier age, such as at secondary school level, or even earlier if requisite conditions are fulfilled? It will surely be an advantage for our children to do so. Don't you agree?