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22 janvier 2013

Alleged Wanita Umno Member Apologizes Over Bawani Remark

Malaysian Digest

A woman, who is believed to be a Wanita Umno member, has issued an apology to Indian Malaysians following her rant, which contained racial slurs, against internet sensation K S Bawani.

In her FaceBook post, Norhayati Saiddin apologized unreservedly to her Indian friends for her comments, saying she had no intention to insult and become racist as she "grew up with Indians" and that some Malay individuals, who had different political ideologies, made a mountain out of a molehill.
"If you all want me to apolologise, ok, I, Norhayati Saiddin, am sorry to all my Indian friends," she wrote. 
She also clarified that she did not ask Bawani to go home to India, but instead to go to India to study, if she (Bawani) wanted free education.
In the controversial post, which drew the ire of many, Norhayati reprimanded Bawani for the latter's call for free education, saying she should study in India, which she referred to as Bawani's "mother land".
She also had written that Indians used to reside in estates and that they did not even know what a toilet was before.
Norhayati, however, appeared to have backtracked on the toilet remark, insisting instead, that just a little after the country achieved independence all Malaysians did not have toilet facilities.
She also implied that her apology was prompt, coming out on the same day of her rant, which has since been deleted.
However, her apology was viewed cynically by FaceBook users, some of whom felt it was insincere.
Bawani, a UUM law student and Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit) activist, became an overnight sensation after a YouTube clip showing her being berated by a pro-government moderator at a student forum went viral.