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28 janvier 2013

Najib: I Hate People Who Break Promises


The prime minister said he was confident that BN will administer Selangor better than the current state government if voted back in the next general election.

“Our objective is to recapture Selangor but it not for sake of power only. It is because I am confident and believe that we can provide better service and administer better than the current government led by the federal opposition,” he said in a 15-minute radio interview during the launch of Selangor Radio BN at Umno headquarters here.

Najib added the the state government has also cheated the people of Selangor through its lies and deception.

“If we look back recently there have been so many problems. Firstly, they have not fulfil their promises but instead broken them. I hate people who break promises. I believe the people of Selangor share the same sentiment because we all feel like we have been cheated. I hate people lying to me.

“I don’t know about others but I feel that all of us believe that people must hold fast to their promises. If BN is given the mandate by the rakyat, we will provide an administration that can really fulfil the people’s aspiration,” he said.

He said the people of Selangor must not allow the state to fall behind in the country’s development.

“Selangor is too important and strategic to the country. If the state is not line with the federal policy then we have problems like the current water shortage.

“If we don’t have the same government on both the state and federal levels then it will create many problems and eventually trouble the people and this will not benefit the country,” he said.