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14 novembre 2011

The MASAF Dilemma

1. MASAF, as we all know is an entity that represents the majority of Malaysians students, regardless to their race, religion and background. What concerns me that, this entity is now falling apart due to complications from the management level, its members and current events.

2. As I was informed, back in the early days, there was only UMNO France. An entity purely for Malays. Then, our fore'Malaysian's thought that this was not right and an entity that unites should be established. The aftermath of this event triggered the creation of MASAF. Since then we all had seen many activities, such as Aidil Fitri, Aidil Adha, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, held by this group to unite all Malaysians under one roof.

3. This year was something else, with several new events and entities, recruiting new supports, organising events and promoting their existence. I strongly believes in unity among diversity. Yes, I do know that some group of Malaysian students that have some dissatisfaction with MASAF's new board of  of High Committee. We all can work together, but by having several entities only creates further separation between different groups of student.

5. Because of that, an effort to help regain MASAF's support should be taken, from the core to it's out most layer. There should be a transformation on how the entity actually defines itself, as a student association that serious with it's mission or just something that should be taken for granted. Meetings among their think tanks should be held and come out with effective solutions to tackle this critical problem. Unions should be made, and effort should be held.

6. Yes, and I do this because I care. I hope that you guys can respect my opinion as I respect yours. So, care to share some opinions about this topic?

P/S : I hope someone can actually come with explanations and ideas why and how we can have a better MASAF.