Program 1 Dinar Emas, 1 Bulan

17 novembre 2011

Program Ijazah Luar Negara

1. Every year, Malaysia sends her Crème de la crème to other nation's heart of educational system, hoping that this group of Malaysians could be our stepping stone for us to achieve Vision 2020, a developed nation before the year 2020.

2. For your information, this policy was implemented during the era of our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman. From one point of view, we all can agree that many of Malaysia's strong men and women are the results of this program. Thanks to this policy too, we are now able to say that we are proud with our nation's achievement. But, from other point of view, this policy is starting to do us harm, from our education system to our country's economic progress. Thus bringing up the question whether this policy is still relevant with our current state?

Students Abroad 

3. From my point of view, government has done a good job with Malaysia's educational system. Although there are still some rooms of improvements, I can say that I am happy with it. I too was sponsored by the government, but some part of me thinks that we can do better than this. Yes, sending these kids just after Sijil Pendidikan Malaysia (SPM) would make them independent, brave and open-minded but due to some aspects, I believe that this is not good enough.

4. Some students that who I have meet are actually benefiting from this program, while some just 'enjoying' it. For the first group, I wish you all the best for the coming future, but for the second group, please try and change your mindset and attitudes before ending up wasting Malaysia's resources. I think that, this is due to our selecting system, a system that merits only on their academic performance, but not entirely upon their capacity. Malaysia should send students that could bring development. Studies shows that intelligence does not guaranties future success, thus making the idea that sending only smart kids would not be a great idea. Scholarships should be given to students who I believe is all rounded, excellent in academic, leadership, social, personality and many other aspects if could.

New Policy

5. I agree with government's decision on its new Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) Policy. They would cut the number of students that will be send abroad. In the same time, the agency will keep on sending 300 students based on their merits, and this time it shall not be based on racial preference. The passed system, I believe was not entirely relevant to our current demands. Our government should continue sending its students abroad, but not like before and if only that they could guarantee an equal and fair selecting system in held.

6. Today, we can do the same without sending thousands of students around the globe. There should be an active effort to boost our high education level. I believe that our universities could offer a great experience for their students. For the future, we should make Malaysia an international education centre of excellence and quality, where students from all around the world come and study on our blessed land.